Let’s Talk PowerPoint Templates (a Virtual Discussion) (Episode 55)

PowerPoint Templates have lots of setup, design, distribution and end-use considerations. For this episode we have a virtual conversation with a number of presentation design experts sharing their expertise and recommendations on everything PowerPoint templates. We get everyone’s answers to: How do you summarize the...


Do You Like (PowerPoint) Sections? (Episode 57)

PowerPoint Sections, first introduced in PowerPoint 2010 are still a hidden feature to many. Troy, Nolan and Sandy spend a whole episode to talking about this great, and underutilized feature. How they use, when they use, and reasons to use PowerPoint sections, along with tips...


Updating Sandy on the 2018 Presentation Summit (Episode 65)

Join Troy, Nolan and Sandra for a post-Presentation Summit conversation as Troy and Nolan update Sandy on their key take-aways and stories from this year’s conference. Attendee stats Tapas sessions – and Lori Chollar “History of Typography and Professional Typography in Presentation Design” Presentation Guild...