A Good PowerPoint Template Means… (Episode #77)

Continuing our “Consequences of Good Design” conversation, now focused on the what makes a “Good PowerPoint template” (and those things that make a bad PowerPoint template). With three presentation design experts talking about PowerPoint template, it is not a short conversation – so join us...


No Formal Design Education (Episode 72)

Join Sandy Johnson, Troy Chollar, Lori Chollar, Stephy Lewis and Bryan Jones for a design conversation about being a presentation designer – without a formal design education (note: Lori joined us to represent those with a formal design education) as we enjoyed finding an hour to talk during...


Mistakes We Have Made (Episode 40)

Life, and being a professional, is a matter of learning from experiences – and sometimes those experiences are mistakes. Join Troy, Sandy and Nolan for a design studio conversation full of business mistakes seen, been a part of, or possibly created....