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Presentation Women Talk Business (Episode #138)

I am thrilled to introduce the release of ep. 138 of The Presentation Podcast. Friend, business colleague, and super woman Lori Chollar takes control of the podcast as she and I discuss the presentation industry with power hitters, Yulia Barnakova, Wendy Gates Corbett, MS, CPTD, and Jude Barak. Join me...


A Good PowerPoint Template Means… (Episode #77)

Continuing our “Consequences of Good Design” conversation, now focused on the what makes a “Good PowerPoint template” (and those things that make a bad PowerPoint template). With three presentation design experts talking about PowerPoint template,http://thepresentationpodcast.com/podcast/77/ it is not a short conversation – so join us...


Do You PowerPoint 2016? (Episode 1)

PowerPoint is synonymous with “Presentation” but the latest version’s name is creating some confusion with Windows and Mac versions both being named “2016.” In addition, there are different ways to get Office 2016, but not all are the same. Our three professional presentation designers discuss...